MX - Euro Design 3-way 6.7/2” woofer/mid-tweeter system
A New Standard For Musical Precision And Musical Transportation!

Experience Musical Imaging That Borders On The Magical! - Astonishing Dimensionality - Fast, Clean Transients - No Listening Fatigue - Remarkable Up-Front Soundstage

Whether you go solo or decide to use a guide your journey to awesome sound begins at MX-Designs. The MX-Designs 6.7”/3” mix fabric fiberglass woofer and midrange is your portal to the best, fastest solution to premium high-power full-fidelity world-class automotive sound systems. From an extensive list of CDT Audio top-quality audio components only the best have been selected for exclusive distribution under the MX-Designs banner. With CDT MX-Designs premium components and revolutionary sound-stage recreation philosophy, no compromise sound systems can be realized.

When you buy MX-Designs you get full support for your custom installation with extensive on-line help and technical consultation including personal voice communication at our toll-free help-line virtually assures optimal result.

Toll Free: 877-568-3238 Chose a MX-Designs systems specialist to guide you through what fit your vehicle and get a special 5 year extended factory warranty on your MX system


Deep bass smooth response high-power sound system. The cone of the MX-6F woofer is made of a light yet rigid mix fabric fiberglass The type cone material among audiophile listeners considered the best for smooth natural sound quality, durability and lasting life span.

cast 6.7/3” 3-way carbon fiber woofer component system

Technical specs and contents

  • 1 pr MX-6F  6.7” cast mix fabric fiberglass woofer
  • 1 pr MX-1000SX 24dB Elliptic  2/3-way crossover
  • 1 pr MX-2 2” ultra range mid-tweeter driver
  • 1 pr MX-1i image tweeter
  • Power handling: 220 watt RMS @ HPF 100Hz.
  • Frequency response: 50Hz-20,000Hz (Optimized enclosure)
  • Impedance: 4 Ohm
  • Sensitivity: 92.3dB
  • Flush mount 2” ultra range mid-tweeter
  • Windshield mount image twtr
  • Mounting depth: 6.7” woofer 2 3/4”


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