MX-6CV Euro standard 6.5” 2-way convertible system

Installers dream system. Sound experience and easy installation way over your expectations.

Introducing MX-6CV MX-Series Euro norm system. MX-Designs sees a strong trend in cars getting smaller and smaller. To address these smaller cars which sometimes do not handle over sized 6.5” woofer in the doors, MX-Designs engineers have com out with a true 6.5” woofer. Very power full smooth audiophile sound quality to follow the European specification norm. Converts easy to a coaxial speaker or a component system.

The exciting new model not only fit easier but due to new European manufacturing techniques and efficiencies are available, and CDT engineers closely following the EU-standard for speaker design. we have a speaker in the MX- line that fit almost any installation challenge at a very affordable price. Yet, typical of MX Designs engineering team, the quality has not been compromised at all. An installers dream system.


Euro standard 6.5” 2-way convertible system

Technical specs and contents
  • 1 pr MX-6CV 6.5” convertible mid-woofer
  • 1 pr MX-20 3/4” swivel soft dome tweeter
  • 1 pr MX-430 2-way installer design crossover.
  • Power handling: 160 watt RMS @ HPF 120Hz.
  • Frequency response: 55Hz-20,000Hz.
  • Impedance: 4 Ohm (2 Ohm optional)
  • Sensitivity: 91.dB
  • Mounting depth: 2.5”
  • Flush and surface tweeter housings


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